Flow Paper Book

I recently illustrated a paper doll for the Flow magazine paper book. The paper book is so much fun, it's full of patterns and paper crafts, stickers, gift tags and cards... there's even glitter.

Every time I flick through it I think my childhood self would have loved this magazine.

Urban Outfitters


I made some bedding with Urban Outfitters! I've been patiently waiting for over a year to see this come to life and here it is. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

It is now available on the Urban Outfitters website.

It's a baby!

10 weeks ago we had a baby, her name is Alexandra and she is the most awesome thing I have ever made.

I am entirely smitten. Being a mum is a lovely, gentle, happy feeling that has actually surprised me. I'm fast learning the very difficult lesson of how to keep things simple and enjoying this new life with my little babe.

July 2014


Hello, hello. I have now closed my online shop and moved a few bits and pieces of my studio back home, thank you if you purchased something during my recent print sale, I am very grateful to people who buy my pictures!

I'm now spending most of my time pottering around at home waiting for my little babe to arrive...